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Which day trip do I choose?

You’re going away for a day with the 2 of you to explore a city and its hidden secrets at your own pace?
Choose between one of our basic packages.

You want to enjoy a day with a group with your company, friends, family… and you’re looking for help to organise and find activities to fill this day?
Contact us.

You’re planning a day trip with a small group or just the two of you but you want something special?
Contact us and we will help you further!

I purchased a basic package, what can I expect?

A handmade booklet sent to your adress containing…

Parking information
Where can I park and for which rate? We share different options with you!

A mapped out city tour
You follow this route at your own pace without a tour guide and you make stops along the most important sights of the city. You can read some explanations, more tips and anecdotes… Next to this, this city walk shows you the hidden secrets of the city!

Stops for food & drinks!
We let you discover the nicest places to eat during your city walk, no need to search for a good place to eat anymore! You are expected here, meaning a warm welcome.

We thought about this as well, all day trips are inclusive food and drinks. Spend your voucher as you wish because all you have to do during your day trip is relax and enjoy!

When can I go on a day trip?

Every day!

Pick a date to go on your day trip while purchasing your basic package. You’re planning to give it as a gift to someone? He or she can contact us later and tell us when she’s ready to go on a small adventure.

Beste bezoeker, wegens nieuwe opportuniteiten hebben wij besloten loomies stop te zetten.

Indien u nog een te besteden bon heeft, kan je ons/mij contacteren om deze nog te gebruiken.

Voor verdere vragen kan u zich nog steeds wenden tot

Bedankt voor alles!